Complete Audio Collection-Sheikh Ahmed Deedat


Ahmed Hoosen Deedat (Arabic: احمد حسين ديدات‎ July 1918 – 8 August 2005) was a South African writer and public speaker of Indian descent. He was reverently known and called ‘UNCLE’ by those who hold him in high esteem and admiration. He was best known as a Muslim Da’ee (caller to Islaam) who held numerous inter-religious public debates with evangelical Christians, as well as video lectures, most of which centred around Islaam, Christianity and the Bible. He also established the IPCI, an international Islamic missionary organisation, and wrote several booklets on Islaam and Christianity which were widely distributed by the organisation. He was awarded the prestigious King Faisal International Prize in 1986 for his 50 years of Da’wah work. One focus of his work was providing Muslims with theological tools for defending themselves against active proselytising by Christian missionaries. He used English to get his message across to Muslims and non-Muslims in the western world.

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  1. A Dire Warning
  2. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Anis Shorrosh – The Qur’an or the Bible, Which is God’s Word
  3. Ahmed Deedat on Pakistan Television (Interview)
  4. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Anis Shorrosh – Is Jesus God
  5. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Bishop Wakefield – Was Christ Crucified (Canada)
  6. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Dr. Robert Douglas – Crucifixion Fact or Fiction
  7. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Jimmy Swaggart – Is the Bible God’s Word
  8. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Pastor Eric. B. Bock – Is Jesus God (Denmark)
  9. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Pastor Stanley Sjoberg – Is the Bible True Word of God
  10. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Pastor Stanley Sjoberg – Is Jesus God
  11. Ahmed Deedat Vs. Prof. E.F Clark – Was Christ Crucified (London)
  12. Al-Qur’aan – A Miracle of Miracles (U.A.E)
  13. Al-Qur’aan – Miracle of Miracles
  14. Al-Qur’an & the Computer (Durban)
  15. Arab & Israel – Conflict or Conciliation
  16. Challenge of Islam
  17. Challenge of the Missionaries
  18. Christ in Islam 1
  19. Christ in Islam 2 (Sydney, Town Hall – Ahmed Deedats Last Lecture)
  20. Christian Family at Deedat Residence – Discussion
  21. Christian Guests in your Mosque (Open Day Mosque)
  22. Christian Missionaries at the I.P.C.I
  23. Christianity & Islam (Geneva)
  24. Christianity, Judaism or Islam – Which can Solve World Problem’s
  25. Combat Kit Course Against Bible-Thumpers at the I.P.C.I (Durban)
  26. Combat Kit Course Against Bible-Thumpers in Nairobi
  27. Concept of God in Hinduism & Islam (R.S.A)
  28. Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction
  29. Daughters of Islam
  30. Da’wah in the U.K
  31. Da’wah in the U.S.A
  32. Da’wah or Destruction
  33. Debate with American Soldiers (Gulf War 1)
  34. Deedat a Muslim Fundamentalist
  35. Deedat at FOSIS’s 23rd Annual Winter Gathering
  36. Deedat Office Recordings (5.5 hrs)
  37. Deedat on BBC-1
  38. Deedat on Saudi TV Talk – Plus Bonus Video
  39. Deedat’s Encounter with Christian Missionaries (Debate)
  40. Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Combat Kit Course, Nairobi
  41. Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Jamia Masjid, Nairobi
  42. Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Masjid Noor, South ‘C’ Nairobi
  43. Deedat’s Kenyan Lecture Tour – Sir Ali Muslim Club, Nairobi
  44. Deedat’s Kenyan Tour at Memon Villa Hall, Mombasa
  45. Difficult Questions about Islam
  46. Durban Business & Professional-Women at the I.P.C.I
  47. Easter, A Muslim Viewpoint – What makes Good Friday, Good
  48. Free Bible Course
  49. Freely Speaking
  50. Freely Speaking in Geneva
  51. From Hinduism to Islam (Lecture in the R.S.A)
  52. How an American Marxist found Islam
  53. How Not to do Da’wah – Saudi Arabia, Taif
  54. How Rushdie Fooled the West (Royal Albert Hall London)
  55. If the Label Shows your Intent, Wear it!
  56. In the U.A.E Spotlight
  57. Is Israel set up for Destruction
  58. Is Jesus God (South Africa)
  59. Is the Bible God’s Word – Preview of U.S.A. Debate in U.A.E.
  60. Is the Bible God’s Word
  61. Is the Bible the True Word of God
  62. Islam and other Religion
  63. Islam and the People of the Book
  64. Islam Answers to the New World Order
  65. Islam & Christianity – Symposium with Gary Miller (South Africa)
  66. Islam & Christianity (Pakistan)
  67. Islam in Africa (Abu Dhabi)
  68. Islam is the True Religion
  69. Islam is the Way, the Truth & the Life
  70. Islam the Message to Mankind
  71. Islam’s Answer to the Popes ‘Pious’ Pronouncements
  72. Jehovah’s Witness visits Sheikh Deedat
  73. Jesus Christ in Christianity & Islam
  74. Jesus (pbuh) – Man, Myth or God (U.K)
  75. Jesus (pbuh) Beloved Prophet of Islam
  76. Jesus (pbuh) & Muhammad (saas) – A Comparative Study (U.K)
  77. Jewish Family at Deedats Residence
  78. Jum’uah Talk 
  79. Justice & Equality
  80. Kuwait Series – 1 (English & Arabic)
  81. Kuwait Series – 2 (English & Arabic)
  82. Kuwait Series – 3 (English & Arabic)
  83. Kuwait Series – 4 (English & Arabic)
  84. Last Challenge & the Best Call
  85. Man-God Relationship (Regents Park Masjid, London)
  86. Message of the Qur’aan
  87. Message to Muslim Students
  88. Missionaries Inroads (Maldives)
  89. Monotheism & Trinity
  90. Muhammad (saas) – The Greatest
  91. Muhammad (saas) – The Greatest (Pakistan Tour)
  92. Muhammad (saas) – The Natural Successor to Christ (Pakistan Tour)
  93. Muhammad (saas) – The Natural Successor to Christ (pbuh)
  94. Muhammad (saas) the Prophet of Islam
  95. Muhammad (saw) in the Bible – In Response to Swaggart in the USA
  96. New Deceit in Christian Evangelism
  97. Office Recordings – African Religion, Pure until White Man touched them
  98. Office Recordings – Deedat’s Encounter with Mormon Missionaries
  99. Office Recordings – Muslim Divorce
  100. Pope and the Dialogue
  101. Pre-Khutbah Talk at University of Natal
  102. Presenting Islam to Non-Muslims
  103. Preview of U.K Debate in South Africa (Qur’an or the Bible)
  104. Prophet Muhammad (saas) – The Hero Prophet
  105. Pros & Cons of Israel (Denmark)
  106. Qur’an or the Bible – Preview of U.K Debate in South Africa
  107. Role of the Masjid in the West (Dubai)
  108. SABC TV Debate – Islam & Christianity (South Africa)
  109. Sequel to Christ in Islam (Studio Debate)
  110. Sequel to the Qur’an or the Bible – Which is God’s Word (U.K)
  111. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat & the IPCI
  112. Short Talks on Middle East TV – 1st Series
  113. Short Talks on Middle East TV – 2nd Series
  114. Short Talks on Middle East TV – 3rd Series
  115. Should Rush-die Die – The Islamic Verdict
  116. Should Rush-die Die – The Judeo-Christian Verdict
  117. Speaking Freely at the I.P.C.I
  118. Student Missionaries at the I.P.C.I
  119. The Message of Truth (Malaysia)
  120. The Qur’an or the Bible
  121. There is a Siddique in Your Life
  122. What is Bible
  123. What is Wisdom
  124. What is Wrong with Us
  125. What the Bible says about Muhammad (saas) – In Abu Dhabi
  126. What the Bible says about Muhammad (saas)
  127. Why Comparative Religion
  128. Why Da’wah
  129. x-Bonus-x – A Letter to Deedat
  130. x-Bonus-x – A Message to Sheikh Deedat from a Radio Station
  131. x-Bonus-x – A Test from Allaah (Subhaanahu wa ta ‘Ala)
  132. x-Bonus-x – Ahmed Deedat Introduction 1
  133. x-Bonus-x – Ahmed Deedat Introduction 2
  134. x-Bonus-x – Ahmed Deedat Introduction 3
  135. x-Bonus-x – An Excerpt from a Radio Programme on Sheikh Deedat
  136. x-Bonus-x – Biography of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  137. x-Bonus-x – Esam Mudeer, Journalist & Student of Sheikh Deedat
  138. x-Bonus-x – Golden Years┇40 Years of Ahmed Deedat – ‘Ilm Film Productions
  139. x-Bonus-x – How Deedat made me Da’ee – Dr. Zakir Naik
  140. x-Bonus-x – Islamic Goal of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – Dr. Zakir Naik
  141. x-Bonus-x – My Father, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – A Moving Account by Son Yousuf Deedat
  142. x-Bonus-x – Nasheed used in Ahmed Deedat DVD – 1
  143. x-Bonus-x – Nasheed used in Ahmed Deedat DVD – 2
  144. x-Bonus-x – Nasheed used in Ahmed Deedat DVD – 3
  145. x-Bonus-x – Par Excellence Advert – 1
  146. x-Bonus-x – Par Excellence Advert – 2
  147. x-Bonus-x – Q&A – Hijaab & 4 Wives
  148. x-Bonus-x – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – A Visit to My Bedridden Hero
  149. x-Bonus-x – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat & Dr. Zakir Naik Trailer
  150. x-Bonus-x – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s best appreciation of Dr. Zakir Naik
  151. x-Bonus-x – Steve Rockwell, Ex-Christian Priest & Student of Deedat
  152. x-Bonus-x – The King of the Stage (Ahmed Deedat)
  153. x-Bonus-x – The Story of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (1918-2005)
  154. x-Bonus-x – Who was the Number One Da’ee in Recent Times – Siraj Wahhaj

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