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My name Tedi Sobandi

Thank you for visiting to my blog. Don’t miss to give me comment

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Please visit my blog always. ok

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24 Responses to Welcome To My Blog

  1. Dear Tedi,
    Nice blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tedisobandi says:

    thank ahmad for your comment


  3. arifhidayatulloh says:

    assalaamualaikum friend

    wow this is so good blog he.he


  4. Dear Tedi,
    Ramadan Mubarak.I wrote two posts about Ramadan. Please visit my blog and please help to write about saving a historical heritage building in Terengganu, Malaysia.


  5. tedisobandi says:

    yes ahmad I want visit your blog


  6. rheeantz says:

    kunjungan malam Perdana Gan….


  7. living says:

    “”maksie dah kunjung dek,, =), sambil bertukar link yukk =)””


  8. enuazizah says:

    english blog..
    wow mantap ups, amazing..

    salam kenal mas..


  9. pencari ilmu says:

    asslamualikum bang… salam kenal ya….

    mampir balik…. trims


  10. abrory says:

    salam kenal juga mas…..nice blog…keep on istiqamah


  11. salam tedi please email me my email address is :



  12. Dear Tedi,
    I am happy to read on the internet that the Tasikmalaya administration made the decision to implement a bylaw that will oblige all Muslim women, either locals or tourists, to wear veils or hijab.
    I remember that Tasikmalaya is your home town. Anyway I am sad that there are some Muslims who complain about it.


  13. Ajir Perlak says:

    siapa pengarang terjemahan ushul fiqh-indo nya


  14. Raghib says:

    AsSalamu alaikum
    Sya ingin download kitab ihya ulumuddin cetakan khusus .. jilik ke 5 6 7 . Terimakasih mohon maaf juga


  15. ابن حسيين says:

    I want to translate the kithab خمس مائة سنة في الصلاة as a part of data. Do you give me the permission? ?


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